Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Pizza Bowl:

The cupboard was bare.
The pantry was sparse.
The jellybean holder was empty and dark.
The freezer was lonely.
The icebox was grim. 
The cookie jar's crumbs were asleep on our chins. 
With nothing to eat and nothing to do, we looked at each other with neither a clue. 
A was for awkward 
 B was for bored
  C was for car-ride with mom to the 
But mom said "no no, 
Go outside & play."
Remember we only get one meal a day. 
You're father is working for pennies 
Right now.  
Just enough to buy bread and some pickle loaf chow. 

But we hated pickleloaf chow all the time. 
We wanted something that would perk up our minds. 
Some food somewhat sweet and some not so bland. 
So we set out to spy and explore all the land. 
We walked down the sidewalk and over the hill and turned several corners until we were thrilled,
to find a great land right before us indeed. 
A land that my sister and I'd never seen. 
 It looked like a jungle, but smelled like a rose, a forested treasure just right down our road.
The neighbor their watching said
"Don't you go in."
But we were so hungry and we'd never been,
To such a fine place, it had to have food.
It had to have raspberry vines or the wrappers of charleston chews. 
Smell them we would,
and sniff their great smell.
Lick off their leftover, sugary gel.  
Or maybe some doughnuts were waiting in there.
Or boxes of raisins our family could share. 
We'd never know unless we went in,
So that's what we did, both me and my twin. 

Inside the woods the most beautiful green, came down from some trees
That were minty supreme!
We'd never seen mint trees,
But that's what they were, 
With bark made of chocolate and 
Roots made of fur. 
But those were not roots!
On looking closer, we saw some great tails sticking out from the fur. 
These tails were attached to some bodies for sure, 
Some bodies that were halfway asleep in the earth.  
Off down the trail, we heard a loud bell.
A bell that was ringing so loud you could tell, 
That bell sound was calling these tails hooked to fur. 
For right at that moment they rose from the earth and showed their white faces with eyes so alert!
They looked like raccoons, but they were bigger, 
than any raccoon that we'd ever heard!
They smiled at us, and shot down the trail.  
They ran towards the sound of the echoing Bell. 
There had to be food,
Wherever they went.  
So we got on our way,
and we tracked their footprints. 

The footprints of those furry coons led us in,
To a towering cave where we heard a small wren.
These are the words that she told us that day,
These words that she told us made us want to stay:
"Everything living in our forest home, 
Is Teeming with life,
Right down to the bone. 
And when you go into this cave you must know.
That you Can forget all your perilous woes.  
For this peaceful kingdom is one to Behold!

At that very moment a light flashed like knives. 
The light came from 300 bright, glowing eyes. 
Their leader looked at us without much surprise. 
His racoonish face was whiter than lies.  
"My friends you have entered the cave of Gracoon, for this is our kingdom and these are our spoons.
We're using them now to fill up a large bowl. 
A bowl so important we thought you should know, just how it works and how it became,
The bowl that you now see before you with fame."

"A long time ago when our forefathers sought, to find a nice home for their Gracoonish lot. 
They found this fine home with the forest and cave. 
But there was no food,
So they had to slave, to find some smart way to feed all their young. 
They searched through The cave
They dug and they dug 
And this is the treasure that they came upun.  
From deep in a well
In the darkest of depths
A metal did flow from 
A hole in a crest 
The metal was liquid till it hit the ground. 
And then it would harden and turn rather round. 

The shape of a bowl,
Without hands was wrought. 
A rock from the ceiling
Of that very spot,
Fell into the bowl and 
Guess what appeared?
A thin slice of Pizza Supreme,
Oh my dears'!
Another rock fell and
Right in its place, 
Some pizza showed up
In this bowl with a trace,
Of garlic and peppers,
Of green olives too,
With mushrooms aplenty,
With salsberry Splue. 
A small hint of clover,
And tomato chunks, 
Were piled up so high that we ate 
With a hunch,
That this was the grandest of bowls ever made. 
Feed us it would till the end of our days. 
Or so we had thought,
And so we had hoped. 

But someone slid in,
On the end of a rope.  
And spied on the trophy that fed all our throats. 
The next nite they came, and before we could wake. 
Those shadowy shadows removed our keepsake. 
The very next morning I gathered my troops. 
We pointed our tails and we put on our boots. 
And one tiny boy by the name of Grakon, revealed he had seen those someones that we sought. 
He said he could lead us for he knew the smell,
The scent of the the Pizzular bowl oh so well. 
He would use his black nose to sniff out our foes.  
For our eyes could not ever spot such shadows. 
Those shadowy souls did not need our bowl.
Everyone knows that shadows can't eat. 
For they have no mouth, and they have no teeth. 

He led us on down into a vast hall,
His nose through the darkness detected a wall,
A wall made of charcoal and licorice dots, of feathers from crows and oily socks... The work of the shadows we knew right away, for everything here was as black as a grave. 
We hollowed the wall with our thingamajoof, a blade used for hollowing walls that hide Spooks. 
On the other side of that wall just what did we see? 
Three thousand shadowy souls fast asleep. 
And right in the middle of their fortress grand, a pillar stood tall in the shape of a hand.  
On top of the hand sat a blue marble bowl, 
The one with the power to make pizzas whole!

But how could we get back our treasure supreme?
Who had the courage from our little team?
The boy named Grakon stepped up and he said
"I know how to do it, without fear or dread" 
I'll strap that Thingamajoof onto my head. I'll tunnel beneath this here shadowy bed. Without detection, I'll chip thru their floor, take back what is ours and walk out their back door."
And that's what he did on that shadowy day. 
The courage of youngsters was put on display. 
He silently tunneled beneath their domain. Right up through the pillar and up through the hand, he stood for one second and did a fun dance. 
He tucked the fair pizza bowl under his arm, came back through the ground, and we
ran with alarm. 
We ran to keep our special bowl safe from harm. 
And all the way back we thought to
Ourselves, "Grakon is a model
Of courage and stealth, he's saved the most fabulous piece of our wealth.  And by doing so he's preserved all our health, for now we'll eat pizza so much we will belch."

The Pizza Bowl that they fearlessly stole,
Is ours now, it's ours once again!
But we are not selfish
And we are not mean,
We see how you two 
 are so awfully lean!
You haven't had much 
food to fill You for days!
And we want to help you
Get rid of those ways. 
So please take this Pizza Bowl 
now As our gift. 
It gives for forever.
Your bellies will lift!
Invite all your neighbors and family and friends,
And feast on the gifts from this Bowl's Splendor Splends!
The splendorful Pizza Bowl's gifts never end!

And that's what we did, my sister and I. 
We made our way home in the twink of an eye. 
We entered our house and we sang a loud song. 
So loud that the whole town would soon sing along:
Pizza for lunch, pizza for dinner,
Pizza each cold snowy day in the winter. 
Pizza with love.  Pizza with life. 
Pizza for snacks in the middle of nights!
The next time you find that you haven't much food. 
Come to our house, we'd love to include. 
The next time you hear from your belly a growl, 
Remember the pizza bowl feeds at all hours!
The next time you see that your cabinets aren't full, 
Please try some pizza that comes from a bowl. 
The next time you hear someone say 
"Don't go in there"
Remember what good comes to those who take dares!