Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Broken Cart. Book 5 in The Artt of Early Learning Series...Written by D.A. Batrowny, Illustrated by M. Hernandez

As Smart Artt grows up, his adventures become more and more exciting and unique. And help impress upon both child and parent readers, that childhood can and should be a time of new excitement that is also a fun learning process. Who can deny the sheer joy of attending a circus for the first time?  As usual, Artt not only attends, but becomes an active participant in his first circus experience. As he engages with a variety of animals, he uses his wit to fix problems that would challenge a child who's parents had not worked with him to develop his outlook and abilities. Smart Art never sets out on adventures for the sheer purpose of mischief, but mainly to be helpful. And by doing so, sets a splendid example for children who will read about him and view him as their friend. Not to be overlooked in this book series is the fantastic work of the illustrator, Diana M. Hernández, who brings each new experience in Smart Artt's life alive in such a poignant and precise way.