Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Artt of Early Learning Series- The Lemon Tart, (Book 3) Written by D.A. Batrowny, Illustrated by Diana M. Hernandez

Having read and reviewed the previous two books in this series, I was thrilled to get the opportunity to continue sharing thoughts on these truly special works. Once again, this book is presented in a fashion that is just as much helpful to a parent as it is a child. The introductory comments as well as the concluding words include information that will help parents of young children develop good qualities in their child from the beginning, and to recognize milestones in the development, or the lack of reaching these milestones so they can know how to proceed with the work they must do.  In this story, Smart Artt not only shows intellect, but also thoughtfulness in helping the other children in his Nursery to feel better during a crying episode. He uses what's available to him, what he has at hand to work with... in this case a delicious lemony desert, and friendly black dog named Onyx, to get the job done. Smart Art once again proves to be a leader and helper among his peers, and teaches a lesson of ingenuity at the same time.