Sunday, April 24, 2016

Don't Touch That Dart- Book 4 of The Artt of Early Learning Series...Written by D.A. Batrowny, Illustrated by Diana M. Hernandez

This story of our beloved Smart Artt explores some of the greatest fears and grandest adventures of Parents and Children. In this case, the fear of what may happen when we leave our youngster in someone's care, even if it is a close relative.  And the adventure of exploring and getting into things that all children of vibrancy enjoy, which can often lead to scary results. Fortunately in this case, Smart Art's antics, brought about by his usual intelligent and curious nature, end happily. Even if it does end with his Aunt clutching to the ceiling fan for dear life! Find out what happens in between and enjoy this author's increasing use of humor, as you share in another adventure with her developmental genius, Smart Art.