Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Entering the Fascinating World of Handmade Books...Yuba Sutter & Sleepykakes

Hello again! I wanted to introduce everyone to my new adventure! Handmade Books! I have written and illustrated two new books entitled Yuba Sutter & Sleepykakes respectively. Samples of both are pictured above and can be purchased at

Both are made to order though I do have several copies in stock. These books were constructed using cardstock paper, papersack and cardstock envelopes for the protective sleeves. Also I used construction paper, watercolor pencils, and hemp thread to bind. The artwork style is something I haven't seen used hardly at all, and that is something I don't know what to call other than "pictoral bordering." I would describe this as a doodling illustration that surrounds the text of the story, often in a circular or oval fashion.  I would love feed back from other writers on what I am trying to do, or anyone who has any suggestions. More handmade books to come, so keep checking in for updates, and I would love if all of you would follow me on Instagram which is tag @rrhowroar  Or   Where I will be posting even more about my own writings than on this blog. Thank you everyone for visiting my blog and for your patience with me as I try to raise three kids, operate a business, write kid's books, and operate this blog!


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