Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Stumps of Flattop Hill..Written by Kenneth Kit Lamug & What YOU can do About Bullying by Max & Zoey...Written by Ari Magnusson

The Stumps of Flattop Kenneth Kit Lamug:

I have always enjoyed stories where humans get transformed into something or someone else. Trolls changed into stone in The Hobbit, an elf princess changed into a tree in The Elfstones of Shannara, a doctor changed into a terrible and formidable green beast-man in the Incredible Hulk. There is something supremely frightening and terrific about this concept. The above examples are not given to compare the triumph of a story under a review to them, but to show how using this idea of a person changing so drastically can be used with much success. This is the case here, where the kids exploring Flattop Hill dare Florence to enter it's harrowing palace of doom. Proving more courageous than her taunts, she does just that. Encountering beasts and spooks of unique variety along the way, she winds her way to the top of the house where the resulting encounter with an otherworldly entity transforms her in a wonderful? Or horrible? Way. That is the beauty I found within these pages, as they seem to leave it to the reader to decide whether Florence's final outcome was good or not. Was it a relief for her to be transformed or a prison sentence for daring to travel to the heights of the forbidden mansion?  The picture illustration style found here recalls echoes of Poe's greatest daydreams and nightmares.

What YOU can do about Bullying by Max and Zoe..Written by Ari Magnusson

If you have the privilege to traverse the instructional and eye-opening world of Bullying being exposed here, you will be  most likely 100 times more informed on the subject than  anyone you know. And you can have that privilege, because the link for purchasing this incomparable teaching tool on this subject is just a click away in the right-hand column. As someone who had endured a good deal of mistreatment at the hands of several classmates, I was very intrigued by the approach that Ari took to the action of bullying, which like many actions, begins with an idea and an emotion on the part of the one bullying. This is just a fraction of what I learned here.  Did you realize that there are different types of bullying, reasons why it is carried out, numerous motives involved, and a number of ways it can be prevented and successfully dealt with? The book does an outstanding job of not criminalizing the bully, but trying to give the reader an open insight into what he is feeling without excusing his or her behavior. The book is written in a comic style format, which will appeal to early grade children, and is presented in such a systematic way that it can almost be entitled "The Dictionary of Bullying." The impressive thing about the writer's undertaking of this subject was that it was not something he entered into on his own whim.  But being an expert on the subject, he was approached by a group of individuals who were concerned about the public's understanding of the subject, confident that he was the right one to take on the task of explaining the subject of bullying from the most hidden details of it's nature. At the end of the book is extra information for adults and parents confronted with the bullying of those in their care, and how they can use this book in the best possible way to help them.  This is the most comprehensive guide you will find written on this matter, and if it's not that, it is certainly the most interesting and enjoyable for children and adults.

Entering the Fascinating World of Handmade Books...Yuba Sutter & Sleepykakes

Hello again! I wanted to introduce everyone to my new adventure! Handmade Books! I have written and illustrated two new books entitled Yuba Sutter & Sleepykakes respectively. Samples of both are pictured above and can be purchased at

Both are made to order though I do have several copies in stock. These books were constructed using cardstock paper, papersack and cardstock envelopes for the protective sleeves. Also I used construction paper, watercolor pencils, and hemp thread to bind. The artwork style is something I haven't seen used hardly at all, and that is something I don't know what to call other than "pictoral bordering." I would describe this as a doodling illustration that surrounds the text of the story, often in a circular or oval fashion.  I would love feed back from other writers on what I am trying to do, or anyone who has any suggestions. More handmade books to come, so keep checking in for updates, and I would love if all of you would follow me on Instagram which is tag @rrhowroar  Or   Where I will be posting even more about my own writings than on this blog. Thank you everyone for visiting my blog and for your patience with me as I try to raise three kids, operate a business, write kid's books, and operate this blog!