Friday, January 22, 2016

Twigond... Written by R.R. Howroar..inspired by the art of Jessica Olip Booth

Deep in the shadows of Gerfenschwartz Spire,
There lies a chasm of mud and of fire
A cave so sleepy and still,
That all of its travelers think they are ill,
When they fall asleep so quickish and fast
And when they are woken, they are not the same.
There selves are quite different, except for their brains.
For they can still think, with thoughts like before,
But now they have bodies that look like a floor.
Now they are quite part of the floor of this cave,
The one they walked into when feeling so brave.
But Twigond had other plans for these folks..
He gives them a honey they breathe in like smoke.
When they fall asleep from his honey-like smoke,
And he puts them into his machine with it's ropes,
All of it's springs and it's sprockets and spokes.
At the bottoms a monster who will only tell jokes,
So that these sorry folks will feel better before,
They come out of this device that turns folks into floors.
Its mixes your DNA with the dirt of the cave.
And spits you right out where you always will lay,
Another poor capture of Twigond the Bear,
Who makes every sad someone who enters with dare,
Into a part of the floor of his Lair!
The above splendid painting is by Jessica Olip Booth,
And you can view her artwork at or on Pinterest
Please let me know if you would like your art featured on this blog.

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