Thursday, January 7, 2016

Travelling SEEDS....written by Rebecca Bielawski

This is a remarkable piece of literature for young children that not only informs them about plantlife, but also about the digestive processes of cattle!
Should children be inclined to enjoy the outdoors instead of always being glued to an electronic or a video game, they will find an example to follow in the nameless girl narrator, who does the teaching in this book about seeds. She begins her narration by recounting how she was out looking for "cool things to do and see.."
If only all children would follow that course, who knows what scientific and unknown wonders they would encounter along the way!
This book also relates many ways that seeds get to various locations as the title suggests.
It is part of the Mummy Nature Series.
And yes, I do take sentence extension and comma placements to extreme levels.

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