Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Making Mindful Magic: mindful activities for children. Written & Illustrated by Lea McKnoulty

When we are very young our sense of time is much slower. Going to Kindergarten, Learning to drive, moving out on our own, all seem like milestones somewhere deep in the eternal future.  As we age, and especially as we experience taking care of a child or perhaps a parent, our awareness of the passage of time is increased rapidly. Time does not physically move any faster, but our familiarity with it somehow causes it to feel that way, according to my limited understanding and experience on the matter. These truths caused me to read about the subject of mindfulness found above eagerly, wondering if it would somehow present a "cure" to the speed of time issue.
This practice of mindfulness being encouraged here by Lea McKnoulty, a mother of three and early childhood professional, is indeed an aid to not only slowing down time, but of making the time we have at present more meaningful and enjoyable. Within this book are several activities that can help both child and adult to learn to soak in the present tense, without interference from the future. And the subject of learning to not be in a hurry and to embrace the unique gifts of nature and quietude are approached with exquisite development. The end of the section with verse and illustrated ideas holds thoughts on how parents can help their children to develop these practices even further, to their mutual benefit. The calm and peaceful  quality of the illustrations sets the tone for an earthy book and cooperates beautifully with the tone of the subject of mindfulness.
As Jack Kerouac put it "Let the mind beware... the circumstances of life are pretty glorious."

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