Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jacob and Sam. A Friendship Story. Written by Kristi O'Callahan. Illustrated by James Corless

This is a beautiful story for anyone who would like to learn more about interaction with
Autistic children. Told from the standpoint of Jacob, the new kid at his school, and a caring one at that. Not deterred by the challenge of being the new kid, Jacob immediately takes an interest in Sam, who doesn't return the interest. Jacob then finds a way to engage Sam with the help of his teacher that truly provides a great lesson of how to involve special-needs children and help them feel a part of the group. As the story points out, using our imagination is one of the best ways to do this. The bright and colorful illustrations wonderfully compliment the story being told and the atmosphere surrounding the two main characters. This book is highly recommended for any parent, friend, or relative of someone with autism or special needs. And I look forward to many more publications on this subject from this author, who herself is a professional in this field.

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