Thursday, January 21, 2016

Annalise's Up and Down Denise L. Jenne. Illustrated by Julie Iannone

The daily events in a happy child's life are like precious jewels that can be taken out and viewed as they grow older. This we are reminded of when reading the story under discussion. An interesting take on the words "up" and "down* that also gives us a glimpse of the activities that Annalise enjoys during a particular summer day. Instead of playing video games or watching television all day, Annalise enjoys a large variety of unique and educational things, such as bug watching, playing guitar, and gardening. This is a wonderful suggestion for parents who wish for their children to not be glued to technology or electronic media only. Annalise could be any young girl, in any neighborhood during summer, but the quality of the illustrations make her an individual person being referred to, as suggested by the author's introductory comments. Join Annalise as she experiences being "up" and "down" and everything in between!

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