Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Larry Potty's Animal Rhymes- by David J. Mackay

This book is a wonderful collection of rhymes from a homeless man who encounters a variety of animals and eloquently describes each. Most of these are creatures you and your child will be familiar with, while a couple, the Meerkat and Echidna, raised the book to a primal level of authenticity in my viewpoint- because these animals are largely unheard of in kid's books.
Another thing that made this a pleasant read is that the rhymes are not forced; the introduction and conclusion aren't total rhymes in themselves. This shows the reader that Mr. MacKay only used poetry when necessary and did it with correct precision.
The illustrations fit perfectly with the text and serve as a compliment rather than a distraction.
This publication is available on Amazon in kindle format. Enjoy it today!

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