Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Martian Mustache Mischief: Written by Brian Rock...Illustrated by Joshua Dawson

We always joked about how our uncle loved ketchup so much, it wouldn't have surprised us if he put it on his ice cream. This book brings that memory back with its description of willy-worm like aliens that drive humans around them to become entranced with that fanciest of red sauces. What makes this yarn such a success is its ability to take your typical cute alien story and make it something interesting and amusing for all ages. The very notion that ketchup can help a planet to regain its original color is indeed unparalleled in what I've formerly read or seen. The illustrations have Loony-Tunes character and truly help make this effort one of a kind in the visitors from space genre for kids.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Larry Potty's Animal Rhymes- by David J. Mackay

This book is a wonderful collection of rhymes from a homeless man who encounters a variety of animals and eloquently describes each. Most of these are creatures you and your child will be familiar with, while a couple, the Meerkat and Echidna, raised the book to a primal level of authenticity in my viewpoint- because these animals are largely unheard of in kid's books.
Another thing that made this a pleasant read is that the rhymes are not forced; the introduction and conclusion aren't total rhymes in themselves. This shows the reader that Mr. MacKay only used poetry when necessary and did it with correct precision.
The illustrations fit perfectly with the text and serve as a compliment rather than a distraction.
This publication is available on Amazon in kindle format. Enjoy it today!

Back to Blogging!

Dear Readers,

I want to start by apologizing for my extended absence. It probably doesn't do good to start a blog that does well in its first few months, and then totally abandon it for several months thereafter. There are good reasons for this that I will leave for whimsical hints and hyperbole in future writings😂

I am back and hope to be more consistent now. I plan to do at least three reviews per week with a poem or story mixed in. My reviews will be limited to anything I can read in a half hour or less and prefer children's instead of middle grade writings.  Of course I will consider shorter middle grade submissions. I do have an abundance of review submissions waiting for me, so, though I will not turn anyone away, I will tell you that your review will be on quite a waiting list.
Thank you to everyone who contacts me for any reason and I also want to say that I welcome all feed back and thoughts on my own writings and stories which are featured as part of this blog, and are referenced in the link to the right.

Without further ado, thank you, and I look forward to reading and reviewing again!