Friday, May 8, 2015

MathFreax Guide to Magic Squares- Making Math Fun! Written by Joshua Klur, M. Ed.

Joshua Klur has  been a teacher and a student of math for over 20 years. He is involved in several projects that help students to gain an appreciation for math and to view it as fun.  He views math as a means to help prepare youth to successfully solve problems later in life.  This book is so detailed in it's explanations and examples of magic squares that you'll wonder why you hadn't considered them before. (Or maybe you had but the thought didn't excite you, which is the purpose of this book ;)
I was especially fond of the vast history provided behind some of these squares complete with illustrations of their original form and references to their origins. I also enjoy the little wild haired, winking face symbol that shows you you are about to encounter a fun activity.  This would make a great addition for a parent who uses a kindle or e-reader to assist in teaching their homeschooled child. My wife and I will be employing it with ours. Perhaps after your kids put the books up for the day or go to the backyard for recess break, you will sneak some time  for yourself to have some fun with Mr. Klur's recreational Math!