Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Fish Named Bart (The Artt of Early Learning Series Book 2) By D.A. Batrowny

Have you ever owned a tool that was also fun to use? Or a toy that could be doubled as a tool?  Such things are hard to come by, aren't they? Usually something that's fun is exclusively fun, or something that is used for mechanical or work purposes is strictly that. This book and its predecessor is one of those rare items that is both fun to read but also serves as an important tool in helping parents to realize the need to train their children from a very young age.  It is also a tool in developing children through reading.   As the book emphasizes, doing this has great benefits.  Developing a routine with your child can serve as a protection when he or she decides to venture out on their own.  I appreciate the relationship hat Smart Artt has with not only wit his mother but also his grandfather in this book.  As most folks can attest to, grandparents serve an important teaching role with children also. As one of my friends once mentioned upon the passing of my own grandmother, "they're always pulling for you."  Well said, I thought. I am pulling for this book and it's continuing series to be a huge hit with parents, grandparents, and children.  Because not only is it a fun, enjoyable, and original story, it does a job as well. Anything that can help us to accomplish the challenging job of successfully rearing our children is worth our attention.