Sunday, March 15, 2015

Isecas the Dream Cat and the New School. Written by Preston Squire. Illustrated by Dixie Albanez

This story takes place in a young girl's life, who is struggling with her self worth, with making friends at school, and with the appearance of a new figure in her life.  This figure is actually an otherworldly cat, who can communicate through thoughts. The story does not have the mystical, occult flavor that I was afraid that it might, but presents the appearance of this strange and helpful cat being as though it were a natural occurance.  I love how this story makes reference to other cultures as well as different races getting along together.  The author, being Canadian himself, makes this the place where his story takes place.   And as with all of the other writers I have reviewed that call this great land their home, this one echo's the sense of pride that Canadians feel in their homeland. This is something sensed, not clearly spoken in the book, as Canada is only mentioned in passing. The illustrations are the best I've ever seen when it comes to those that have been digitally enhanced, which as any good illustrator will tell you, digital enhancement is just another form of media like watercolor, markers, or colored pencil. And it is used with stunning effect here. This book is "far out" in a good way, and, as the author says in his closing comments, if you like the book, share it!

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