Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hildagrad Grunch. Inspired by the artwork of Lotte Teussink

Hildagrad Grunch :

Hildagrad Grunch will now eat your lunch
She siphons it slowly right out of the air,
 into a channellike braid of her hair.
It does not make a difference how far that you are,
Inside your house,  or dining in cars.
She knows where you are for her friends tell her so.
The Festival Friendlies who help her to know,
Where you are with your lunch, or you're chewing on dough.
They hide in her pouch until they go out,
To find every Luncher who's walking about.
And when they far find them, wherever they be,
They send back the message through Dimension C.
The pinkingest, windingest tunnel there be.
And Hildagrad Grunch in her Lollipop sea,
With fishes about and a beast named Dupree,
Points her braid upward, 5 hours before supper,
And vacuums your lunch through her hair now to eat,
Right out of your spot through Dimension C,
This is just how she gets lunches for free!

The above poem was inspired by the art of Lotte Teussink, a talented artist from the Netherlands. She is eager to work for Children's book writers, and you can view her work and contact her at the links below:

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