Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Glicerinth Gleer. inspired by the artwork of Jillian van Piggelen

In a prairie I know of, not so far from here,
There is a fair flower, named Glicerinth Gleer.
She grows every winter when rosebuds are dull,
When Tulips are frozen, and daisies are small.
So small that you will never see them, in fact, till Spring shines upon us,
It's light through our grass.
No other flower grows this time of year, but Glicerinth does,
To give us some cheer.
To tell us that things will not always be this same way.
With not too much difference between night and day.
With gloomy, slow sombers, and sad mucky gray.
Glicerinth Gleer, was once a young girl.
She wandered into a Fall field with her pearls.
Her pearls she would plant like seeds where she went,
And grass would turn greener, and dirt would repent.
One day all the flowers of the field came to her,
They told her they wanted a giant favor.
They needed a flower to grow in the cold,
When snow buried all of the plants young and old.
They needed a flower that would represent-
All other plant life till spring came and went.
Till summer was over, and then in late fall,
This flower would be the lone flower of all.
Shining so brilliant past December days,
Proudly accepting the role it would play.
As the one flower who grew in the cold, the dreariest days of winter
So bold!
The flowers they asked her to lay down and sleep.
They took off her pearls and they planted them deep,
 one on each side and two by her feet,
One by her head and two by each ear.
And this is the story of Glicerinth Gleer,
Who on that Fall day was enveloped
 by plant growing pearls,
That twisted and mixed with her smile and her curls,
To make a small flower brand new to the world.
That grows from each autumn till April the 5th,
And sparkles a radiance none shall forget.
That this was once a young girl who would give,
Her life as a flower that grew so to live.
To brighten our winter and silence our tears.
With violet beauty so soft for our years.

---This poem was inspired by the artwork of Jillian van Piggelen, as seen above. Her biography and links can be seen below.  She is eager to work with children's book authors, or anyone looking for freelance work.

"I'm Jillian van Piggelen, an illustrator inspired by the natural environment. I love composingbackgrounds organic vegetable and scenarios in which the characters of stories and fairy talescan feel welcomed and where the reader feels involved. 

Laicletav was founded in 1998 by two little girls hungry for adventure. It's a land where the purple moors dress diamond rocks, where the sea suddenly plunges in waterfalls sheer into the unknown.
So when your child jumps over the carpet as if it were a river, probably he is in the Land of Laicletav yet. When a stack of pillows looks like a castle, when the sofa becomes a boat, and in the middle of the living room  children shouts "Hey see! An island!", is obvious that they are in Laicletav's ocean. Laicletav is the place where imagination takes shape. Laicletav is the rock of solitude and the city of new friendships, a place of comfort and the battlefield of childhood.
In Laicletav you dream, you learn and have fun. In Laicletav you grow."

Laicletav Illustrations By Jillian van Piggelen

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