Thursday, March 5, 2015

Before I Sleep, I Say Thank You. by Carol Gordon Ekster. Illustrated by Mary Rojas

Gratitude is in short order in this harrowing time. If parents spent more time teaching gracious and thankful behavior and outlooks, they would certainly thank themselves for the outcome.  This book can serve as assistant to parents in that way.
I appreciated the emphasis on humility, with both parent and child considering things that they would have done differently throughout the day, as well as things they are thankful for.  It takes humility to recognize the need to be thankful, and then to pursue an attitude of thankfullness, even if the one we are thanking is someone so obviously higher and mightier than we are.  But this book, by it's attention to the heart of thankfulness, which is a loving, gracious, and humble spirit, hits a home run when it comes to helping youths to review their day with thanks.  This is necessary to do while children are very young, before such bad traits as pride and selfishness make inroads in their heart.  I really enjoyed how the illustrator displayed the child's reasons for thankfulness like a bit of film from a movie scrolling across the screen, or page in this case.
If teaching your child this wonderful quality is something you desire, don't be afraid to acknowledge the need for the help that a great book like this can provide.

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