Thursday, March 19, 2015

Artist Feature- Alia Ollikainen Joslin

Vashi Valooner-
Have you been to the forest of Salient Snuff? 
A wonderful woodland not far from from Patruff?
Each summer I visit, with family and friends,
A spectacle found somewhere deep in this Glen.
We dont know quite where, no directions to give,
For birds from Patruff fly us blindfolded in. 
They say that this forest has secrets so rare, 
That no one with brains would go alone on a dare. 
And if you went in, your eyes would go blind,
From sparkles of lightning exploding your mind. 
So that's why you fly in with tape on your eyes
On backs of Patruffian seagulls at night. 
They land you right into a Balyhoof grove,
With Balyhoof trees that shimmer of Gold
And deep in the middle of this grove of trees 
Is something that will bring you right down to your knees
With roots like a tree,  top like a balooner,
Stands what remains of fair Vashi Valooner.
And this is the story those birds could have not told us sooner
"In the first War of Sevens,
On the eighth day of Groob,
A pilot was was blown,
Flushed right out of her Choon.
She was the only girl pilot for miles.
She did it with spunk 
She did it with style.
She flew with a reverence silent and wild. 
But on that sad day she had only one hope, 
She reached in her pack and she loosened a rope,
And out came a giant baloon with explose!
Into this forest she fell softly down
But hands reached out for her and twisted her round,
They planted her here down softly into the ground.
She grew up into a most marvelous tree
With billowing rainbows for all eyes to see
Hoping one day that she'll be set free
And fly through the air
And skip on the breeze 
The greatest girl pilot who now is a tree,
Vashi Valooner for you and for me. 

The above poem was inspired by the art featured above, by Alia Ollikainen Joslin.  She is eager to work with you on your writing or project!
Contact her at the link below.

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