Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tiffany England - Artist of the week

This week's featured illustrator is Los Angeles artist, Tiffany England.
I have a special fondness for Tiffany's work as she is the illustrator of my book , "The Legend of Wally Gonkers." What struck me about her art when I was trying to choose an illustrator is her ability to present imaginary worlds and characters in such a vivid and unique way, that you almost think you are viewing something real and not imaginary. Not to mention her vivd use of watercolor and colored pencil.   I personally want to recommend her to anyone who is looking for an illustrator for their book or project, because of her reliability and kind nature, making her very easy to communicate and work on your project with. There have been a few changes I've needed to make to my book with the layout, that she has immediately and graciously addressed and helped me with.
Right now Tiffany is doing a special offer of $250 for an eBook cover with exclusive , unlimited rights included.  You can see her work in the background image and samples below, as well as on her 


  1. She does beautiful work. Thanks for Sharing.

  2. So, so beautiful. I can see why you chose to work with her.