Monday, February 9, 2015

Tales of the Dog and the Frog: Dan the Dog Meets Freddie the Frog Written by Jennifer Cragg. Illustrated by Emily Hercock

Available on Amazon (see link at right) Does your child feel the need for the need for a new friend? Do the believe that this friendship has to come from a specific source or age group? This story provides a unique lesson that can help kids on both of the above fronts. While many would not view a dog and a frog as a compatible team, this account makes such a pairing quite believable. The friendship presented here is evidently a strong one, for it even withstands the pressures of the local frog bully group. Yet another bully named Biff comes into action (the last one I recall gave someone named Marty Mcfly quite a rough time). But this friendship cannot be thwarted by the efforts of others to end it, thus showing that unlikely companionships can prevail. Also, barriers and prejeduices are often broken down as result of someone's courage in breaking out of his normal boundaries of expected friendship. This book is brought to life remarkably by the vivid illustrations of artist Emily Hercock, who is now featured in my blog's background art. Please look for a new original poem tomorrow which will feature art from another talented illustrator as inspiration.

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