Friday, February 6, 2015

Tadeo Turtle Written & Illustrated by Janis Cox

Available on Amazon and published by WordAlivePress

This beautifully illustrated story is a lesson of how contentment is a truly valuable quality.  That is, being happy with who you are and your current situation. Tadeo is a Turtle that sees what everyone else can do in their shell-less state and dreams of having their maneuverability for himself.  That is, until he finds out that his protective covering was there for a reason.  I feel that the best children's books have at least a hint of a lesson or moral, and this one has more than a hint. It's message is loud and clear: be happy with who and what you are.
Not only did the author give us such a well presented story, but she had the thoughtfulness to include several craft ideas at the end.  All of these surround the main theme of the story's main character.  There is also a page of extra information on the species with facts.  Do you find your children always pretending to be someone else? Well this is good and healthy to a degree, but show them this book and they may see the benefits of coming back to their true self once in awhile.  The author interweaves her faith into her biography and story in a balanced way as well.

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