Monday, February 2, 2015

Space Gum   Illustrated and Written by Danette J. Hansen
Available on Amazon (see link at right)

I couldn't help but be encouraged by this book and the story of the author who wrote it.  There are a couple of reasons why I found these so uplifting.  First, Danette, from Utah, explains in her Amazon bio that she never grew up wanting to pursue writing, but now realizes that an attribute of a writer was always apart of her in her practice of naming the things that she liked.  I can definitely identify with both of those things. That is, not knowing what you want to be from an early age as many are blessed with, and also making up names for your favorite things.  But this is so great because her experience shows that we may evolve or emerge into our calling later on in life, perhaps even after we have children and have already started some other profession. And that is ok. Perhaps for some of us, it takes years of life and sorting through things to come to a realization of what we are about. Not that I'm saying this is purely the case for this author, but her biography comments remind me of these other things.  Now, what was that second encouraging nugget?  The book under discussion, of course! This book shows that you can be all grown up, have your own family, and have other things going on and still write a fantastic Children's book, and illustrate it yourself no less!  If any of you have ever wondered where that piece of gum that your kid just grabbed off of the ground and started chewing came from, this story gives a possibility you may not have considered.  Danette also impresses with her ability to include three sets of characters in a book of such modest length.

 I love the concept of this book and the way it is presented, in a comical and far out way. When I say far out, I mean literally.
This book is available on Amazon Kindle for .99 until Valentines Day.

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