Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sam the Slug. Written and illustrated by Lstarte`

The author Was raised on a small farm in Eastern Pa. Riding her pony Silver at age four on day long adventures. She, her sister and neighborhood friends would pack saddle bag lunches not to return home util after dark. No rules or supervision, allowed her childhood freedom unheard of today. Not a sit in your chair do your work kind of student Lstatrté explored visual arts programs in high school. The following year after graduation her father died, 1989. She felt a tremendous obligation to her mother. Lstatrté spent a short time in college studying Biological sciences. In 1995 uncomfortable with mounting debt and waitressing jobs. Lstatrté turned to the open road. Driving an 18 wheeler afforded this 25 year old adventure seeker steady income and constant challenges. In 1999 she bought her first apartment building. Later that same year she was given the title Mom for the first time. In 2007 the Lstatrté had a son. Than the following year a lovely daughter. With a vivid memory of childhood adventures, Lstatrté began the search how to share the fun and freedom she knew as a child. Sam The Slug is her first children's picture book. With, Where Did All Of This Dirt Come From? Expected this spring.

This book makes great use of it's limited words by the use of captivating graphics and a pointed explanation of the difference between slugs and bugs.
I love the picture of Sam the slug getting his mugshot. And having a garden and slugs around during the warmer months, my children can identify with this.  This book will help you and your child to not look at Slugs with the disgust you once may have, but to view them as creatures having their own identity.

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