Thursday, February 5, 2015

kimothy krunkle

Kimothy Krunkle is your favorite uncle.
He is the one who invented Pre-dunkle.
Pre-dunkle is a game that you play before you tumble,
Right down the hill of Soluable Stumble.
When you get up, that's when you dunkle,
Yourself in the River of Swisegoodish Jungle.
So that's why you have to pre-dunkle
You do this before you make your fun fumble.
And sit on your pillow until you get humble.
Cause dunkling makes you quite haughty, you know..
The Swisegoodish river makes pretty from head to toe.
Its waters are filled with sparkly splurfs, that come out the back
Of a fish named Palerff.
So if you see your nice uncle Krunkle sitting,
On top of his pillow on Wednesday evening.
Know that the reason he's sitting there is-
To keep all his proudness in check when he swims. -

The above splendid art that this poem is based on is by Jessica Olip Booth.
You can contact her and see more of her work at