Monday, February 23, 2015

If I Could Reach the Sky. Written by Abbe Reichman. Illustrated by Charles Berton

While it is true that reaching the literal sky may not be physically possible without the help of transportation or technology, that does not mean that we should never allow our imagination to take us there.  This beautifully worded and illustrated print and eBook, serves as an assistant to the imagination. In it we can join the narrator riding on stars, performing feats of nature with clouds, and bringing the moon back home to enjoy as a toy.  This story gives new meaning to the song "twinkle twinkle little star." Because, unlike the song, we no longer have to wonder "what you are." This is so no matter our inability to reach the heavens with our actual hands.  There was a Berenstain Bears book awhile back that described the bear family giving up T.V. for a night and sitting in the lawn for some engaging star watching. This book is in that league as it encourages children and adults alike to take a closer look, or "reach" in this case, at something that we may tend to overlook. 

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