Thursday, February 12, 2015

Galloping Gus: written by Glynis M. Belec. Illustrated by John D.G. Latham & Sarah Nickel

available on     Angel Hope Publishing

Glynis Belec loves writing stories that warm the hearts of Children and has been writing for so long that she claims that she "knows a lot about puddles."
This is clearly seen by her fabulous story, which answers a question I have long had about school busses: what do they do when they are tucked away for the night? Not content to keep his love of puddle jumping to himself, and harbor it as a secret desire in his heart, Gus the Bus decides to release his wild longing for pothole plunging after hours.  This leads to a discovery of his secret passion by his driver, Simon McGiver.  Without giving too much else away, I feel like this proves to be a fine lesson in parental love and forbearance, as Simon's mild response to Gus' late night exploits really resemble the response that any good parent will have for their child's occasional lapse in judgment.  Instead of firmly scolding Gus for his puddle trouncing at night, he provides an alternative for Gus that brings his private love of mud right out int open enjoyment.


  1. Great review. The book sounds like a wonderful story!

  2. Thank you Darlene! It is very well written and extremely entertaining to read.