Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Yarashell Abbily and Her Very Messy Room   Written by Sybrina Durant    
 Illustrated by Sara Wilson
Available on Amazon and "most online bookstores"

This lovely children's book is great for teaching kids that there is a reward for cleaning up your room.  The rhymes are strewn along in a sing-song fashion and the book even contains a song at the end about how Yarashell likes to mess up her room.  Dealing with a child's messy room is not a new challenge for parents, but as this book shows, sometimes all that is needed is a little incentive to get the mess picked up.  The writer also accurately conveyed how one parent's frustration over a child's actions can be balanced with a solution from the other parent.  So in this way, not only is this book good for kids, it is also good for parents in seeing how they can work together to address a solution.  
I firmly believe that any good children's book also has something in it for parents and adults as well. Even if they just help us to recall our own memories or missteps made in youth.
Not to be forgotten are the exquisite illustrations of Sara Wilson.  As with any good illustrator, their primary role is to bring the author's imagination to life.  This is done very well by the glowing and mesmerising use of color. I especially enjoyed the page that depicted Yarashell's room as she saw it, not as a messy ruin, but as fantasy-like paradise of fun.
I hope you and your child enjoy this book as much as I did along with the subtle lessons therein.

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