Saturday, January 10, 2015


Gwendolyn Flanner fashioned a quilt
out of the hide of a flexible Zilf
Zilf have the most flexive hides in the sea
They stretch for hours in Burfberry trees
Using the branches of those fabled weeds,
they loosen each fiber and goosen each tweed
They do all the things that a Deeseldorf needs
to protract their thorax and botox their knees
These are the ways that a Deeseldorf Zilf 
prepares all its vibrating threads for a quilt

When Gwendolyn sews a new quilt from a Zilf
She makes for certain that everyone knows
that she is not doing this job just for fun
She's doing it because she is the One
The one who was chosen by Ziloman Zunn
To fashion Zilf Quilts for his Father's Kingdom

This kingdom lies deep within Struesselman Sea
Where Blankets are needed a quarter to three
Of every quaint day by a Measurable creed
Established by those who wish to sleep
from twilight to seadusk with Pastries that scream
for a special warmth that fits all their needs,
the needs so fulfilled by the quilted Zilf Sleaves.

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