Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hi, my name is Bobo (A weekend in the life of a 5th Grader) Written by James Gordon. Available for purchase on &

Hi, my name is Bobo. (A weekend in the life of a 5th Grader)
Written by James Gordon 
Available for purchase on and:

This is my first in a series of book reviews for children, mid-grade, or young adults.  What I enjoyed most about this account is that it not only recalls mundane and important events from the author's childhood in a way that makes you feel like you are there experiencing them yourself, but it is presented in such a way that you feel like you are reading the words of someone who has actually traveled back in time as his 5th grader self. As James recounts activities from a weekend of his youth, he includes things that were a concern involving memories of his father, his outlook on differences in race, a girl he wants as a girlfriend, and a TV show that scared him.   Speaking of which, people that claim TV has no lasting impression on us are clueless. Some of my favorite memories from childhood are of my favorite cartoons, the emotions I felt watching them, the things I pretended to do after watching, and time spent watching my parents favorite shows. This appears to be the case with James as he mentioned several shows and cartoons by name and the impression left on him as a child, which thankfully were mostly good.  Sometimes the most simplest moments and activities as a child are what are dearest to us. This book makes me wish I could've gone back in time and hang with James for a weekend.  He seems like he would've been a great friend and his story is one worth telling. The random observation on chocolate milk is worth getting this book by itself.

If you have a childrens, mid-grade, or young adult book you would like me to review, you can email me at  I am accepting anything 40 pages or less at this time.  Unless it's a larger book with mostly pictures. 

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