Friday, January 30, 2015

Strawberry slope

I'd like to welcome to Strawberry Slope
All of the rogers of Sagamon Floats. 
A large group of rogers that come every year 
To float down the streams of our slope in high gear. 
All of these rogers are specially trained
To float with precision and avoid the stream drain,
A drain that will vacuum you into a pipe
Where you're trapped forever with Weathersby Stipe. 
All he allows you to do is to skype,
Each family member and tell them goodbye,
That you were sucked down in the blink of an eye,
Into a drain where you will reside,With a large possum named

Weathersby Stipe. 
But that isn't the lot of this roger band
Who are determined to never land 
Deep in the crink of a pipe
Where you'll stand. 
For all of your days on the back of your hand. 
That's not the goal of this brotherhood,
Who've won left and right an award where they've stood
On top their floats in a stream that was good,
In a stream that was wet,
And one that was dry,
In one that dialates pupils of eyes
One that was stinky
And one that was tweed
One of the streams had menacing greed
When you weren't watching it splashedup its waves. 
And emptied your pockets of monies and pay. 
So now every roger stands up when he floats
So he won't have his pockets picked or or get poked
In the back of the ankles by Bickersby Croake. 
The largest of frogs that travels into each stream
That the rogers float group sail down as a team.

(Artwork by R.R.)

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