Thursday, January 22, 2015

Henbit & the Roly Poly- A Frendibles Story    
Written & Illustrated by Marty Donnellan (
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Frendibles is part of a series of books (see link)

As much as I enjoy folklore and southern history, this children's book was right up my alley.   Marty Donnellan, a multi-talented author from Atlanta, tells us in the opening that Frendibles are small creatures who live in woodland areas of the south.  This story follows three Frendible sisters, Henbit, Sweetflag, and Cloudberry, as they engage in several adventures and mishaps and play a few tricks on each other.  Apparently, Frendibles include a variety of fare in their diets, as foreshadowed by the title.  I love how the story speaks about these creatures as thought they really are real and not some fantasy dreamed up.  The story kind of reminded me of a cartoon I enjoyed many years ago called David the Gnome.  Not just because the Frendibles are gnome-sized, but because of the friendly nature of that show and this book.  You feel radiated by friendliness when you read this story and view the illustrations, which perfectly bring the heart of this tale to life by also enveloping you with warmth and humor, and really giving you a sense of who these forest wanderers are.

If you would like a review of your YA or children's book, message me in the email link provided!  I am also looking to do illustrator's features in my blogposts.  This would include a bio, examples of and links to your art, along with using your art for a brief period in the background art of  this blog.

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