Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hello Everyone!  Thank you for visiting! I want to let you know what I will be doing on my blog at this time.
For awhile going forward this blog will have an air of anticipation for the children's book I have written: The Legend of Wally Gonkers. This book was finished last winter and has been beautifully illustrated by talented artist Tiffany England, whom I feel very privileged to have worked with.  You can go to her blog link on the right.  The background image on this blog is artwork she did for my book.
 I plan on self publishing my book on Amazon's Kindle Direct sometime in February.  It has been a long road deciding how to publish it, and after months of research and consideration this is the avenue I have chosen.  I will reveal the exact date of publishing within 10 days or so before it's release.
As a promotion the book will be free for the first 5 days after its release on Amazon.  As a special way of thanking my readers, I will be giving out a free e-copy of another illustrated story I have finished.  This story contains the reasoning and background behind my pseudonym "R.R. Howroar".  This free book will only be for those who download my other book from Amazon and subscribe to my email list! There is an email contact spot at the right column and on the bottom of this page for your choosing pleasure.

In addition to information about, or snippets of, my future or current Children's Books, my blog will continue to include poetry and verse. Hopefully it will get sillier by the post:)  I tire of writing such soul-searching, grim drivel, as I have up to this point.  

A new feature that I am look forward to, that I hope you will also, will be regular book reviews of past and present authors.  If you would like me to do a review of your Children's Book on this blog, you can contact me by email(, or leave a note at the bottom of a post with your contact info.  I enjoy reviewing things, and I hope that this will bring greater publicity to some of my fellow writers, as well as drive more interest into what I am doing here.  Guidelines for what books I will and will not review are posted below as well as at the bottom of the homepage.

Thanks so extremely much,


"Today was good, Today was fun, Tomorrow is another one."

I only review Children's, Middle grade, or Young Adult books of 70 pages or less. And most books reviewed over 50 pages would only be because they are heavy in illustrations, with less wording. I reserve the right to rufuse review if I am opposed to the overall content of the book (books with violent, occult, sexual, or overly religious themes). I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to review your book and if you have any questions about my guidelines, please contact me at the email link provided.

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