Monday, January 26, 2015

Bugs Bugs Bugs- Everywhere there are Bugs       
Written & Illustrated by Peter Richards
Available in Paperback & E-book on Amazon (see link)

This is a fine reminder for children that there are indeed bugs everywhere.  Being from Australia, which is highly populated by insects, Mr. Richards would know. Whether you call the down under your home or not, you will probably agree with the sentiments in this hilarious and to the point book about bugs interfering with our daily lives.  If you've ever listened to the Pearl Jam song "Bugs" then this to me is like the children's, book version of that. The illustrations are very whimsical to go along with the theme of a world dominated by Bugdom. My favorite part of the book is the disgusted remarks that the people make when they encounter their winged neighbors!  Please read this book now, as a reminder that, even though it is winter, the bugs are still out there. They're just hiding, and waiting...

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  1. Great review Matthew thank you and my book is also available at Xlibris, Barnes and Noble. Hope everyone who gets it will enjoy and be amused by the illustrations. Thank you