Thursday, February 13, 2014


blessed reunion
pardoning waltz
rancid and cleansing
seperatist pulse
mention an axle
vascular trunks
practical twilight
handular halt
definite seconds
thirds on the wrench
palaces fightened
this is a cinch!

healing a scanlan
dealing to-do
banker koala
rasberry clue
mascara nighfall
brainstem to brain
sign on the dotted
entrance to change.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The torches of blood
Are small woven vaults
To torture a Sun
With seasons at fault

If spring is a mashup of
Varaial milk
With flowers afraid
And rain drops  Tereilp

Then migrating Spacious
Is valiant for you
Your memories fail you
Your dogwoods Carew!

Your dogwoods Carew
Your Charioteers
Your actual science
Of remembering years!
Remembering toothaches
Remembering grins.
Remembering Lasyings
Intense in the fear
Repent if you will
Jibreth of ten Swan
Collecting galeeth
With field covered dawn

Monday, February 3, 2014


Grassive Peraltive
West colored seam
Math flavored Malta
Bliss cradled Dream

Zanzibar science
Actual spook
Lincoln log finance
Rapid Maloof

Facts of your Treaty
Folklorish lord
Ladies that live in
Hollowed out Gords

Bandaids for Mindy
Tylenol squirms
Leaf nodes for Cindy
spring will return

Massive and tempting
Vacuuming cheers
Whiskers are filthy
Blisters take turns