Sunday, January 19, 2014

In a glass vase we seem to find
Cracked and weathered from passing Time
Heralds of a brighter dawn
Living wills designed to rust
In a building we measure
Wealth supreme
By a fire corroded with disease
By your fire corroded with disease

Friday, January 17, 2014


thinking fellers
bolted Just
trains in twenty
mithreal crust
own salvation
owe it fear
bring it louder
hold  it near
we went sailing
for a while
to portray you
and your style
or a river vast and white
thinking night gulls
fashioned tides
all in always
never knows
if our sailing
is alone.
ageless whispers
drawing straws
measure silence
in the frost
diamond stainlessly appears
in a hallway
made of stone
proves that longing is alone
scarlet makeup on your hills
paintings of your windowsills
on your houses long ago
served as lodgings as I'd go
knowing that i was alone.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sanctuarial groove town
Regardless of the waste
Desperado of Florence
Craft a tongue for your face
Black for blue for your nectar
Brass astute of the sponge
Lancelot the director
Megadeth in his trunk

1980 we saw him
Dave Mustane in a suit
Living a laugh safe from metal
Saving a life of reproof

Anthrax throne your container
Mastodon sacred trace
Drawings of withering heather
Racketeer cherry glaze