Wednesday, December 18, 2013

the acid soaked stain of Crawlberry hill
was never quite lucid in science of Trill
it vibrated silently soaked in the strain
the mushmellon soup of an everyman's brain

Lucinda and Granule had license to speak
they met with their mother to wood glue her beak
they processed her feathers and sequenced her wings
a thing of true beauty, alert when she sings.

A bird white and snowy
 A bird of a drain
   coloed in the shadowy scent of a Crain
The Crain was not wisdom or mercy or Just
The Crain was a fury of outlandish dusk.
Like Space in the Winter
  Or Vines in the Breeze
    Like Outlying Continents trying to Breathe.

You mask all your treasure
You hide all your spies
You'll never look into strawberry eyes

Your thighs are like railroads
Your teeth are like thieves
the thieves of A goat colored winter Reprieve.

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