Saturday, November 16, 2013

Beef Crysanthemum

backwater scrooge
teleport duels
crisp oval floats
mexical notes

Brianna blust
principal Must
bring us the grave
blugeon the Trust

Aching for you
Crying out Loud
Cinders & Embers
Ashes of Shrouds

Dangerous Times
begging for love
Saddle your Rhymes
Send them abrupt

Send them to Rivers
Send them to Dens
Never let ever let anyone in!
Send them to biceps
cattle of plains
full scale dileesanthe
equiped with a brain
Find them in shivers
Find them in Rows 
Believe that they trust you
Believe that they know!
Redeem and you stole

Monday, November 11, 2013


anual tideberry
chrisanthemum tusk
crowning achievement
lift follows lush

trident flavored
midrent musk
gabrieala deleth
tabriela trust

why do missouri
wask of the flange
backyard garages
hollow the trance

sedge of the splinter
paranoid plus
vibrating winter
follow a trust

halls made of candy
apple for you
red glazed with window
sill of the screw
deep of the lady
watch while it grew
watch while it winters
so many songs
so many hunters
getting along
telling a story
of thomas and friends
they went together
they never end.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


the baladeer that sings
the endless bell that rings
the fancy of the grave
the shallows misbehave
the misletow remarks
explosive in the dark
the severance of days
reynaldo and dulaize.

quisesta of your thoughts
resolving in the troughs
in savory willow pines
in woodlands that with time
go slipping in a daze 
enchanting in it's ways
its' ways of hollow thought
and parting of the cloth
that covers chilly bones 
and vanquishes your homes
and values every way
that wants you with each pray.