Sunday, October 13, 2013


Elbows to Elbows
Knees to Nees
7eventh & Scary
Please To Please

Eyeballs to Eyeballs
Ears to Ears
brandywine River
Flowing with Fears

Nightengale Songbird
Bridge on the Lane
Why was it Put Here?
Who went Insane?

Canning Canaries
Save them for Me
Fleece all their Feathers
Grind all their Beaks
Toast them with Butter
Soak them in Rum
Magical Letter
Provides from your Tongue

Mascara Nightfall
Brain Stem to Brain
Throat of the Fowler
Closes to Stain

Calling for Ether
Branding your Couch
Solluble Meather
Malleable South