Saturday, April 13, 2013

crysalis valley
born to the thaw
born in the winter
leafed in the jaw

simple in meaning
white in the luss
take with the feeling'
feeling of trust

vaulted in somewhere,
bowels of the earth.
he lead us somewhere,
we could rebirth.
he lead forward,
singing his prose,
moss on his ceiling
deanse on his clothes.

you are a favorite,
gavorite to seeth.
seether in seconds
minute hand sees.

sees in the winter
sees in the snow
i am the splinyer
you are the
Your teeth mulling silent
The craziest mul
Behave in the severence
Dehathe in the squirel

Haiku is not talent
Haiku is not words
Fresh Prince in your violence
Bel air in your pearls

Delight in my active
Delight in my wound
Alive in my simple
Alive very tooth

Sunday, April 7, 2013

seek the seeker
seek him now
right the passage
tempt the vow
dowry omnous
blackened plague
guided tollways
  on the tathe
bend the hallway
milk the struth
doubt the craving
   twist the crust
sign a paper 
sign a doll
take her over
to your stall
mix her maker
mash her must
beggars chamber
guilted northern
quilted musk
    arch a science
   study flu
   beg a beggar
   crimp a noos
damp and solid
ramp and heads
molow stevens
dallow freds
gift of givers 
sold to you
seek the seeker
he's the clue.
 he's the reaper
  he's the sand
    he's the giver
      of the land
        he went walking
          he went far
            not by train
             not by car
               not by fever
                 not by trust
                   walking onward
                     walking onward
                     walking onward
                       here you are
                          there you war